Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Have you ever had those days where you just can't make any progress? Feels like you just can't get your feet on the ground and moving in the right direction? Well, I have had several lately!

The old laptop computer is shot. Sad, but true!.And I am afraid this desktop computer may be following it down the same path! I have ordered a new laptop, should have it in a week or two. In the meantime, I will continue with my cookbooks and blog until the new one is delivered. Then my next issue will be....am I smart enough to transfer files from old to new....answer...NO! I have a great young man, Andrew, who does all that stuff for me. Luckily, 2 years ago Andrew convinced me to sign on to Mozy, a service that stores and protects your files, off site, so when some disaster happens (and they do!) you still have all your stuff! Yeah Andrew! Now I just need to get organized!

Speaking of getting organized, yesterday Monique was here to help me. While I entered dozens of recipes into the Wyandotte High School Class of 1959, 50th Reunion Cookbook, Monique cleaned the winter crud out of my garage, cleaned out the grandchildren's toy box, cleaned the bathrooms, made my bed and scrubbed the hard wood floors!

So you see, if it weren't for Andrew and Monique, I would never get anything done!

I am about to embark on another cookbook adventure! This one is going to be amazing. Can't tell you much about it yet, but picture a cookbook about the Mother of a famous Kansas City chef. It will be full of truly authentic Italian recipes and great family stories, told to me by Mom herself!

I've really been involved with ethnic cooking for months now. Between the cookbook for my class reunion, featuring Kansas City Kansas history and recipes handed down for many generations; traveling back to Italy and Sicily for more education and inspiration; and of course, my genealogy research, I have become more determined to get it all down on paper. This blog is proof that I don't live in the past, but I certainly want those that follow to know what was important to me.

I am afraid there is no one in my family who has the desire to track our family's genealogy and to see to it that future generations know where they came from. But, if I can leave a written history as far as I can trace it, maybe some future great grandchild of mine will have the same desire I have. This latest computer mess proved to me, yet again, how important backing up files, off site, truly is. I will get my new computer set up, transfer files into it, then my next project will be making cds of the family history I have so far, and getting them to my kids for safe keeping. Hopefully they will pass them on! As soon as I determine I have reached the end of my research, I will print out hand made books for each of them also. My son, Chuck, already has the first book, if you want to call a 3 ring notebook a "book", with my up to date genealogy. I am sure that all I am doing is driving them nuts with my obsession, but what the heck, they have spent enough time with me as their mother that they should be able to handle it!

My sister, Ann and I have printed 2 family cookbooks so far. One from my Dad's side of the family, The Recipes of Ann Baker Robnett Johnston and her Descendants; and for my Mom's side of the family, The Ogg Family Cookbook. They are full of recipes and family photos, just as a family cookbook should be.

I have been asked to teach a class on writing a family cookbook, and I am seriously considering d it. I am not all that excited about a large community project, so I may look for a smaller venue., some place where I would have maybe 8 or 10 in the class. It could be a fun class, mostly recipes and cooking, some designing, working with family photos. Writing skills won't be stressed, but then, this is a family cookbook, not a Pulitzer Prize Book! Could be fun....I need to work on it!

Do you have a favorite old family recipe you would like to share with me? Send it and the story behind the recipe to me at kaytucker@kc.rr.com Thank you, I'd love to read them!
Who knows, my next blog might include your recipe!

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