Saturday, April 11, 2009

Somerset Ridge Vineyard has a party to release 2 new wines!

The Wine Release Party was a BIG HIT! There was one slight lull in traffic that lasted about 12 minutes, giving everyone just enough time to grab a sip of water, use the restroom, and then get back to the tasting room! I saw so many friends come through, which is one of the reasons I love working at the vineyard.
We had some side attractions going on at the same time. The family with the rooster, the chickens and the eggs came. The rooster strutted around, crowed every now and then, and was so handsome! The little hen that lays green eggs was also there, but a little on the shy side, but the many children that came to the vineyard with their parents were thrilled to see both of them! They got to feed them cracked corn and they followed them around the hillside.

Another thing going on at the vineyard was a plant sale. Gorgeous flowers, beautiful rich colors….such a great sight in the spring sunshine! We also had families bring picnic lunches and wandered into the vineyard to sit on the hillside and enjoy lunch with a bottle of wine! Perfect weather for a great day outside.

The menu of appetizers was pretty darned good! Cindy made a sautéed mushroom sauce with Cabernet Franc and served it on Pumpernickel bread. The new chef from Casa Somerset, the neighboring Bed and Breakfast owned by Mike and Christine Hursey, sent over delicious Flank Steak Rouladen, filled with a light bread stuffing dotted with golden raisins and tons of flavor! Delicious!
There was Stilton from England, drizzled with local honey from the little bees who live across the road from the vineyard, served on crackers. Wonderful plump strawberries, delicious Brownies cut into small squares, and big juicy grapes. No one went hungry!
Now for the reason of the party…the new wines! I know he is my son-in-law and the father to 2 of my grandchildren, but I have to say the man is a genius! He has produced some great wines from day one, but his last 4 have been outstanding, and that certainly includes the new Cabernet Franc and the Cuvee Rouge. As I wandered through the crowd, feeding people(!), I heard some rave reviews on both of the new wines! As I said, he is a wine genius!

Thank you to all of my friends that came out to spend part of their day with me. I loved seeing you and look forward to seeing you again at the vineyard! Bill and Donna….sorry I missed you! We had to have passed each other on the road! Thank you for coming out.

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